Sustainable B&B

When we bought the piece of heritage in the Antwerp Heirweg in Oosteeklo in 2012, the immediate intention was to turn it into a cozy B&B with respect for the history and the environment. After all, located in the Oosteeklose forests, we can enjoy the peace and nature around us every day.

After consultation with the architect and environmental and energy experts, we opted for a concept in which the burden on the environment is as limited as possible. Investments have been made in:

  • extensive insulation and ventilation of the building;
  • its own water purification system, with recovery of the purified water for irrigation of the soil through the garden;
  • a heat pump with geothermal drillings in combination with underfloor heating and extra large buffer tanks to promote efficiency;
  • two solar panel installations;
  • LED-lighting...

When operating the B&B, we also work with local products as much as possible.

To ensure the safety of our guests, heavy investments have also been made in fire safety, much more than the strictly necessary requirements prescribed by Toerisme Vlaanderen. For this reason, the building contains:

  • emergency exits, smoke detectors, evacuation plans and instructions, fire extinguishers and signaling in accordance with the requirements of Toerisme Vlaanderen;
  • additional emergency lighting, fire-resistant doors, an automatic fire detection system with alarm center, automatic smoke shutter, extra thick walls based on fire resistance, fire-resistant coating (varnish / paint) on combustible elements such as wooden structures...

In this way, we not only try to provide our guests with a pleasant stay, but we also do this with a future-oriented vision with respect for people, nature and the environment.